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Be Aware

Mistrust generates conflicts between users, and it costs you money. Most people are trustworthy but unfortunately when things go wrong, they go horribly wrong:

“My flat was completely destroyed.”

Jason, Software Engineer
“I left my first (and last) negative review after having a scary and threatening guest. It was a nightmare. That was the last time I used Airbnb.”

“All my tools were broken!”

Helen, Photographer
“I used to use pet sitting services. One day, I came home and everything was torn up, shoes, my photographic lens, all kinds of stuff, I was crying for a week.”

“I felt disgusted with my own house.”

Mary, Journalist
“I rented out my apartment and they ended up using it as a brothel. The house was left in horrible condition. I felt so sick of my own home that I finally had to move.”

Do you think that these are just some rare cases?

Every hour

an eBay scam takes place.


of Uber accounts have been hacked during the past 6 months

Over 2 Million

listings on Etsy are counterfeit. It’s more than the population of Kyoto.

Get more users by having less risk

Prevent any bad experience and boost transactions by using Traity's third-party trust certification

Identity and reputation

Help your users take advantage of their reputation from other websites. They will be able to prove that they are the fantastic people they claim to be.

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Reputation passport

Add a verification widget within your site in less than 1 hour.

Our verification widget includes background check, social media analysis, and ratings and reviews from more than 20 sites. All in a single place. Easy and fast to integrate.

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